Thursday, 28 February 2008

Motorcycle Safty Tips

A famous motorcycle expression : "There are two kinds of bikers,those who have been in an accident,and those about to be". There are no substitutes for learning than experience. Experience comes from making mistakes and learning from them. So accept that you are going to make a mistake,it is Normal,and OK.The tnly thing you have to make sure is to avoid these mistakes becoming into something youl regret all your life

a motorcyclist should always ride faster than the traffic around should try to keep a constant flow and smoothness in your driving by avoidng jamming on the brakes sudden turns or speed changes .Most car drivers dislike motorcycles, feel uneasy being close to one at speed, have no concept of the distance from their car to the motorcycle which is so small compared to other cars in front or beside and often suddenly do something unexpected either by choice or by accident. By going slightly faster, a rider on two wheels comes near a car and passes without the car driver even knowing you are there. In this way, you've gone ahead and out of harms way before the car driver has time to react to your presence either in a negative way or a positive way.Never feel like god on your powerful bike,you can never be perfect no matter how experienced you are, this is the time you can get carried away and usually kiss the tarmac,keep the bike in the right rpm level, wear a helmet if you feel like(yes its optional i my world.i know a true bike lover.hates helmets but i gotta mention it)and last of all never pop wheelies or stoppies or other crazy stuff just to show off to your buddies.orr you'll end up breaking bones,your bike,your ego or all of the above