Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Will things change? ISIS and the CRUSADES

Not an atheist..but before you look down on one!
look left and right at your fellow religious folk.look back at your history,read deep into the books that you follow...
modern open minded people don't rule this world
its the radical religious extremist that do
they force or manipulate you to take sides..
its biased on these sides that politics and hate is biased...
The catholic Crusades in the middle ages...
The raping and killing done by the ISIS today..
are just a few examples of how easy it is to trick the masses..
most want a world where their ego is satisfied! a world in which the side they were manipulated to take is the side that rules...
the extremist's and the idiots will always form larger and larger groups..and will always discover new ways of mass manipulation..
unless the rebels the intelligent and open minded do put effort to guide others to the truth! we have no hope of change...


Thursday, 14 August 2014

On depression

Depression is not conditional..its a mental illness
its got little or nothing to do with loneliness,social life,or money..
trying to find and eliminate the cause of depression is not possible on a practical level...so its best to focus on the Remedy's some of which are
"Being occupied,Doing good,Love"


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

war! what is it good for? absolutly nothing!

No one was born hating america,afganistan or pakistan...hate is caused by the bastards who personally find it profitable to spend our hard earned money and human life on wepons and war! As opposed to feeding the hungry,education and healthcare!

We ought to be shamelessly stupid to be proud of the armed forces or war! A solder dying like a dog in war is not a symbol of patriotism!!..why is the vast majority so ignorant? believing things just because every one else does?

The real patriots are our farmers! Our healers Our Peace makers!!



Nothing is a fact..

Flying was impossible and
the earth was flat

The dumbest people are the ones who are the most confident they are not