Saturday, 26 July 2014

The crowd

being a indifferent spectator is more shameful than being the criminal.

We call people animals?

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. difficult standards for people to live up to!

Nope not dead yet

Today after walking un-harmed out a accident at 120+kph on a 60+ year old motorcycle with no brake's!! grip!! control!!! whatsoever.. ive learn t that stuff become lot more precious the moment you realize that you can lose them at any moment...and a rider is only as good as his ability to keep his arse alive in the most unforeseen of events...


Make fake foes in people of different race,religion,caste and gender..hate them..make your kids hate them ..insult them,kill them n rape them..satisfy your ego and earn some fake pride amongst fake follower's!!!!! that's the kinda good life you always wanted? didnt ya ...

A Secret

The strong always pretend to be weak..being weak and fragile makes others feel strong..People really need somebody to feel superior to,and once you become that somebody you own them - Richard David


It takes no time to fall in love.. but it will takes you years to know what love really is...

If you have love, you don't need to have anything else. If you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have!


On Religon

Religion is to educate,improve and purify us n our thoughts & to bring us closer to god..but folks out there use it cause differentiation,hatred,and violence!!
if what you follow causes sadness or harm to others,what you follow is not religion my friend,its shit!!


Live by what you believe

Sometimes i wonder why we care so much about others opinion of us..the world is very big place!lots of people! with not much to do..there will always be idle minds with lots of time to be judging you,comparing to you,downing you,praising you,hating you..there could b 100s against you and you could still be right!! while these 100s could b with you even though your in the wrong!! In the end its not others opinion of you that matters its your own..


Rape in india

Our values n traditions include!

women being bought and sold like objects!
sati where a woman had to die at the same fire where her husband is cremated!!
later a lady unable to give birth to a male child a widow or raped women was looked being down upon by society sometimes even killed!!as if it was their fault!!
lovers "especially women" being insulted and tortured in the name of moral trafficking
forced arranged marriage where there is Little or no say or the girl!!
guilt free eve teasing!!
female babies aborted or disposed off they same way we kill parasites!!

We proudly call India "Baharat mata" ie. a lady and even b bold enough to call it a country rich in traditions and values...we certainly are a shameless bunch..

Rape is only recently hyped there are many more shameful things that need to b looked into..and clothes exposive or even non-existent is no excuse for a fuckin bastard to rape...

What can money get you?

Its weird people being so after money!!.
well money can buy happiness,very contrary to popular belief!! ..
but happiness has its types! and the "long lasting and true" type is the type money cant get you...


Bad time's define good friend's

if you define friendship or a relation as something that always starts with smiles and happiness, as something with no room for anger,jealousy,tears or irritation..

you my friend are wrong!!

I may not give a shit about who ive shared smiles with....
its the anger,tears, and bad times that has made you what you mean to me! 


As bored as can be

If you want to talk about!!

the stupid typical action/drama movies,
hang out zones n coffee shops,
your bitchy gf/bf,
grades in your shitty college
,your monotonous underpaid job
the latest tacky ugly clothes that everyone wants,
new plastic looking automobiles
Overpriced wannabe cellphones
Music for the masses
or the "lots of money" loser carrier you have or dream of having.

please find some1 else to talk to!!

Strength power and domination?

A true man walks alone,fights alone he bears the consequences the bruises with a pinch of salt and never ceases to protect his loved ones and the defenseless...

Kids that bully the weak, harass women. in gangs and ashamed of being so ashamed that your actions prove your parents, who's upbringing you display are also probably pieces of crap just like you..

Teen's into metal music! :p dont make me laugh

Being rebel is not a bad thing..but criticizing everything that the masses follow is a disorder!! fight for what you believe is right!!
if your bored there are many things to do...being a rebel out of boredom is plain stupid!

Wealth addiction

The chase for wealth is an addiction and just like drugs it can ruin you leave you all alone!!


Festivals in india

Why are the people of our country against valentines day?
its because of our festive standards!
you don't get to drink!
you don't get to cause trouble and inconvenience to others!
you cant pollute the environment and make loud noises...
you don't even get to show off your money and power..
unlike cricket you don't get an excuse to hate Pakistan..
moreover you cant dance like a maniac to komdi,sheela ke javani etc..tracks that have become native to every religious festival these days!..
the concept of celebrating love regardless of cast creed and religion is too non Indian 



Hinduism one of the oldest religions on the planet it is rich it beliefs, culture, and art..
Hinduism under any circumstance does not teach or allow anyone to hurt another human,
please do not degrade such a beautiful religion by naming groups on Hindu gods and then carrying out your shameful acts..
retards who go on protesting against valentines day and freedom to exist look into your conscience...
if you are against love against peace..and find pleasure to use the holy name of god in enforcing your own personal retarded beliefs..
GO to mental doctor!! do not go on the streets!! and do not join politics!!

Tolerance! nope sometimes revenge makes life simpler!

if your soft spoken and can be waked over easily..people will do it and continue to do it without any guilt...and when you confront them in their own tone they will looked shocked and feel offended! 

dont take shit! be prepared to fight it as soon as you can smell it!

Damn we need to get this really!

The more you speak about yourself...the more you undermine your worth...


Anger shows you matter. silence shows you dont

Abuse a loved one in anger! say a million hurtfull things! and it changes nothing!!
But once keep silent! ignore them! make them feel you dont care..and nothing is ever the same


Are we as smart as we feel?

the government make's you work for money.. then you give the same government that money for food,land and air...things that god gave us..things that every animal gets for is not the most intelligent animal...except for the smart ass higher up's running the show..hopefully someday humanity will end and that would be one big party lion king style 


Down and dont know why?

Every though life seems ideal your still unhappy ever wondered why? Well everyone needs something that can always make them happy something that gives them a kick,something no matter how long is pointless without that something!

That something must have !

Nothing to do with possessions.

Nothing to do with family.

Nothing to do with lovers or friends..

Nothing to do with your religion.

Nothing to do with teachings of the past.

Nothing to do with money.

The ones who have found it probably wont be the ones who have the time or inclination to be reading this!

Richard david

Education in india

Teachers and are not tools to release your frustration..

Imagine your boss or person of authority beating you when your late?
Or being slapped when you do not preform to expectation? 

Imagine being beaten up if you smile or talk or crack a joke?
Or being beating up for not being good at math or history?

How would your emotional and mental state be after you have been through a ordeal of physical torture?

 Contrary to your dirty orthodox beliefs Your methods of punishment does not create well mannered future create emotionally and mentally damaged adults who will always be inferior to others with better upbringing..

Being strict has nothing to do with physical abuse..if you are too immature to understand this you are too immature to be a parent or teacher..


Our cloned generation

Once upon a time, two pigs named pinky and porky arrived at a barn..hungry tired and lonely they enter the pig shelter! The other pigs looked at the new comers with suspection.

But soon Pinky starts to eats shit after watching the others do it, he even offers them some of his own! Looking at pinky's generosity and his urge and passion to be like them.. The others soon accepted pinky as part of the clan! Pinky blended in,is happy and satisfied!!

But porky on the other hand starves while he waits for food,porky does not fit in, the other pigs think he's crazy! And bitch about him when his back is turned!!

But yet deep down inside porky is the happiest pig in the world! Only for the fact that he does not have rotten shit in his stomach!

The world is filled with pinky's! too bad they wont understand they are one