Saturday, 26 July 2014

Our cloned generation

Once upon a time, two pigs named pinky and porky arrived at a barn..hungry tired and lonely they enter the pig shelter! The other pigs looked at the new comers with suspection.

But soon Pinky starts to eats shit after watching the others do it, he even offers them some of his own! Looking at pinky's generosity and his urge and passion to be like them.. The others soon accepted pinky as part of the clan! Pinky blended in,is happy and satisfied!!

But porky on the other hand starves while he waits for food,porky does not fit in, the other pigs think he's crazy! And bitch about him when his back is turned!!

But yet deep down inside porky is the happiest pig in the world! Only for the fact that he does not have rotten shit in his stomach!

The world is filled with pinky's! too bad they wont understand they are one


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