Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Carpe Noctum No More

Oh yeah letting too much of my Gothic side lose these days its getting a bit hard to suppress it...hate admitting it Cuz its too complicated to explain and even tougher to understand(so please don't bother asking)..from the time my ear phones went kaput my lone meditating walks in the woods are none..resulting in me getting extremely blunt and irritable(very non-richu conduct)..hope i find a good pair of earphones soon..

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Finally On Four Wheels!!

Life on four wheels is a different i must say....i am a die hard motorcycle enthusiasts love riding fast and crazy...but in a car things have changed. its more about comfort than speed acceleration and cornering..its about getting there in comfort not exactly quick..but i am happy and i love my car a lot..and intend to give it all the care that my bike's receive...my carriage an Maruti 800cc 40HP machine..it isn't something to boast about. but it smooth and comfortable,(all i need)..Ive still got to get some things done up..IE a better stereo,a bit of a touch up paint job..etc...pic's comming soon!