Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Finally On Four Wheels!!

Life on four wheels is a different i must say....i am a die hard motorcycle enthusiasts love riding fast and crazy...but in a car things have changed. its more about comfort than speed acceleration and cornering..its about getting there in comfort not exactly quick..but i am happy and i love my car a lot..and intend to give it all the care that my bike's carriage an Maruti 800cc 40HP isn't something to boast about. but it smooth and comfortable,(all i need)..Ive still got to get some things done up..IE a better stereo,a bit of a touch up paint job..etc...pic's comming soon!


Mohit (B2) said...

Yea man we'll pimp it out Hameboy!!

Mohit (B2) said...

Yea man, we'll pimp it out!!!!!!