Monday, 12 March 2018

Some more ranting and raving

Its hard to stay a secret writer with a toneless insight into reality.specially when its it difficult for most to stomach a truth beyond the boundries of traditional conciousness. Each day is a humourous episode watching the masses choose to live in deinal believing that someday success,a relationship, love or god will empower and save them.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

A Belch

Even the ones that kept watch on me from a far now stare at me in the eye it seems that the cute mask's i made for these demons have crumbled showing me their sinister identiy . i can almost feel their breath on my dry flacky skin, Is It all about 27? Or has the fear of this number manifested and brewed me the set of grimm circumstances that i find myself swiming in, at this moment . . the truth is nothing can save you apart from your own prespective and love empowers you only when its unconditional. When we give love names and tag it to relationships conditions come into

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Now is all we have!

Hindu scriptures state Lord Shiva had 27 skulls and each of these skull represented a cycle of creation and new life. The Tanaka a lesser known holy book of the Jews states that the world is approximately destroyed every 7000 year's. And the ecology rebuilds its self and heals over a span of time only to once again gain the ability to sustain life.

When we compare the existence of the earth which spans thousands and thousands of years to a human lifespan which averages at around 70 years. We realize our entire life is not even a miniscule on the timeline of the universe. It is not possible to do everything within the limits of this limited existence. but its certainty possible to do the best things! Stress, anger are never worth it since they reduce the quality of life. If you had just 10 minutes at a unlimited food buffet what would you choose? High quality tasty food or inferior food that tastes bad? When you look at life as if it were 10 minute exotic buffet rather than falsely believing its forever. You will start to make better use of your time and realize that happiness and new experiences are all that count . If you don't say what you need to say, and do what you need to do rite now! you may never get the chance again, Live life to the fullest their is no proof that you will ever get another one!