Friday, 18 August 2017

Mind to blog

Yes it been a while..

Random Friday night..its a big day tomorrow..I am going to judge kids again!
Well that's so wrong!
Judge what they present! Now that sounds better. :)

I guess this snippet it for future reference. In my system at the moment I've got a raw garli clove, brown rice,spinach and some lentils..also fungikemp tablets along with some cougb its established I am pretty sober! And that's the problem now what good is being high..when your such a twisted person even when sober! The irony!

I think I've got multiple personalities! Damn no one knows me! Nither do i know myself its getting fun to see yourself being judged only to later see those same people being totally suprised!

Its fun being able to lead multiple lifestyles. If your right hand dosent know what your left is doing! that my friend is called secretiveness, but I wonder where am i?  in my case this right had has no fucking clue what it is doing itself! secretiveness? Naa..that's elementary. I dont think there is a word for this? Or is there?(calling out to you certified  psychology experts)

Damn the brain is one awsome device! Guess my favorite color? Yes its "grey" lol if you get it! Actually black sometimes maybe white too a lil bit..but Gray! Yes gray is the safest.. Umm silver is nice too.

Well getting back to the point! I don't think there is one is there? Apart from now and here that is! at this very moment that existence has slowed down to a halt. If you find youself reading this be sure your life is never going to be the same again!

Is this the meditation? The medication? Or the the addiction? Yeah addiction! !! Online gaming "second life" someone save me!! I mean I've never found anything so addictive ever! if I have to screw up mind and eyesight id rather do it in a more gratifying way. I dont want to give it all up to a stupid cyber world I think you got half the point in that last statement..if you didnt! I feel so much happier..