Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The most important tip for Indian writers

The internet and media has increased our exposure to the English language. almost everyone can speak and/or understand  english. Its also interesting to see institutions adopt English as a measure of a persons calibre and intellect.

Yet do you wonder why many write up's seem like garbage? even when the writer possesses an impressive vocabulary?

Its very common it is to find writers and language enthusiasts replace simple words with ackward uncommon synonyms in order to potray skill. But Unfortunately this has the opposite effect and this is exactly what make's good content fail to transform into an amazing read.

Your ability as a writer is not gauged on how many words , or the abstract grammar you use, but the overall emotions that your words manage to entice in the reader during and after reading your work.

Writing is an art, its not about what you can do, but Rather about what you should do. Less is more.

Happy writing!