Sunday, 8 March 2009

Start of my Holidays

my holidays have finally started...but i seem to be spending much more time at home on the computer than expected..i am going to do a complete reshedule tommrrow..
i need to take out more time to do some of the things that ive long waited for...these things include
1)getting into shape(looking at your tummy in the mirroe isint exactly a fun thing)
2)a face lift for my bike..(ive always wanted to do it but never could find the time and money)
3)learn to play the guitar(a donkey brays better tahan my guitar sounds)
4)buying a new cell ph(really need an upgrade)
5)find some guys to get a band into motion(my long and incomplete dream)
6)get in touch with all my old long lost buddy's
7)persude dad to buy a car
8)learn to yodle(isint yodling soo cool!)

lets see how these holidays turn out

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