Monday, 18 November 2013

Religon easy to understand! If you use a little grey matter!

WE are all corrupted by the influence of our ancestors of out traditions...Why cant we stop playing science fiction with our interpretations of books written by mortal's..

Would a Nobel man want monasticism?
would a noble man want us to hate people that don't follow him?
would a noble man want huge gatherings to worship him?
Saddam would probably want all this,not god...

God is just,God is good,the noblest of all...he is much above our judgement...
our traditions involve using his name for our social and entertainment need's 
stick to your traditions.. but don't be bold and disrespectful by saying its for god...

Religion is the force that differentiates us it makes us fight,kill and hate

God unites us..god is the force that sees the Christians,Hindus,Muslims,Jewish,Buddhists even Atheist equally...

Richard David

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