Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rape in india

Our values n traditions include!

women being bought and sold like objects!
sati where a woman had to die at the same fire where her husband is cremated!!
later a lady unable to give birth to a male child a widow or raped women was looked being down upon by society sometimes even killed!!as if it was their fault!!
lovers "especially women" being insulted and tortured in the name of moral trafficking
forced arranged marriage where there is Little or no say or the girl!!
guilt free eve teasing!!
female babies aborted or disposed off they same way we kill parasites!!

We proudly call India "Baharat mata" ie. a lady and even b bold enough to call it a country rich in traditions and values...we certainly are a shameless bunch..

Rape is only recently hyped there are many more shameful things that need to b looked into..and clothes exposive or even non-existent is no excuse for a fuckin bastard to rape...

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