Sunday, 1 October 2017

Why am i so bitter :o

Wow a New breed!!

As if the photoshop,ktm, royal enfield coffeee shop signing in, photography, guitar playing epidemic wasent enough.

We now have a new stereotype born of the isecurities regarding the effectiveness of our grey matter!!

And the best part is you can be one too :) yayee!!

You just have to :-

Get a black and white dp.

Post stuff regarding helping animals, women, the poor, the homeless etc

Lets not forget excessive use of filters and eye shadow.

A dash of self quoted bullshit using complicated unnessary words! With your picture in the background ofcourse.

Talk less and Keep your shit minimal. If you open your mouth everyone will be onto you you can't copy paste real life convos!.

Drop in a few open air nature shots.

And vola! you are now an "artistic i"ntellectual wannabe"!

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