Sunday, 7 September 2008

Objects/Places And Their Past

we have so many things around us our house,our personal belongs,our television,even our computer or car's,bike's,and cell phone's but what happens when we are no more or

The Cheap Motorcycle

My friend wanted to buy a bike, a 2nd hand one since we'r insane riders and a new one wouldidnt fulfill the purpouse so we were off to the 2nd hand dealer. we test rode many pulsar's,cbz,s,rx 135's, but none impressed all were old abused bikes which struggled to move. after spending most of the day there and almost test riding every machine in the shop we gave up and were about th head home when my friend noticed a black bike covered up in one conner of the shop. he went the removed the cover. it was a black suzuki fero 150 which looked suprisngly new the paint was perfect no scratches, or dent's he asked the dealer the price on which the dealer said "15,000" and we were like "huh 15k for a fero??" he ased for a test ride, and the dealer handed the keys reluctantly after he filled it up, we took it for a spin and the bike was just somethig out of this world it handled like a knife in butter and acclerated like the wind.he decided to buy it. but the dealer had gone inside his house which was joined to the shop.we were waiting when the boy who whashes the bikes came to me and said "sabb yeah gadi matt lo"(dont buy this bike) on which i asked "kyu?"(why?) he said "sabb malak marr gayea"(all the owners died)i asked then "kese?"(how?) he replied "gaddi se accident hua sab ka,6 bar hamari dukan mei gaddi aa chuki hai"(every one met with an accident,and this bike has been sold back to us 6 times) the dealer came back and the washer boy kept quite.,the dealer showed us the papers of the bike and indeed it had 6 owners before.we decided not to buy the bike in the end.

the amazing thing is that if the bike had really met with so many accidents it couldidnt have possibly been in such a good condition,and if the washer boy was lying,why was the bike being sold at such a low price?.i guess we'l never know...

The NIT Shop And The Well

Well my dad is on the look out for a place,he wants to start a showroom/shop of some sort but he's not decided yet on what it will be. anyways,many places seen and enquired about but all were way above our budget,he was about to give up but just then,a uncle(whos a lawyer) bought a new ray of hope.he mentioned about a client of his who wants to sell a shop located very close to our house,so dad gave it a shot he went there saw the place and liked it too,the price quoted was a lower than other places we'd seen before,with the money saved we could haved furnished the place as well,so it was decided we'r buying it,some day's went by during this time dad was finding out about the place just as a percaution, mostly expecting (legal disputes,electricity problems etc) everything seemed ok, but while talking to a specific shopkeeper nearby,he learned that this shop had two other owners before the current one,and both had died after purchasing the shop, the guy selling it to us was the third owner,now dad's rethinking about the deal, the shop is in a bylane filled with mostly fabricating shops and some unowned places,and there is big old well in front of it which is not being used any more this well is atleast 100 years old, but no one know's when exactly it was dug the location where the shops and the well is belongs to the NIT(Nagpur imporvement trust) now...what could be the reasons for the deaths of the owners no boy knows but i thins its got something to do with this well which gives you a spooky feeling when your close to it..

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