Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Last Thought's

As Death Knock's On my Door
I Sat to Wonder On The Floor
Memories Of Life Flashed Back
For the first time i wondered, Why Did I do that?
I guess its now too Late 
I Soon may see the Divine Gate
Too Late To Repent.Too Late For Change
Too late to Be Forgiven Too Late To even Ask
My goals Were all so Different Before
But i really dont want them anymore.
I wish I gave an urge to Smile
On a single persons Mind?
Not a smile
It Was probably the Feeling I'm Getting Right Now
The Gate's Have Opened Now
They are taking me to a darker Place
Tugging Pushing Trying To escape Somehow
I Know Its All In Vain
The Rope's are now Tied Tight
There's a wet cloth on my head
Cant Do a Thing Even with all my Might
that's what i made them feel those dark last Night's
The man pulls the lever maybe Its Last Sound i Will Ever Hear. 
I feel a jolt deep inside my head and body mind.

Rest In Pieces Adios My Dear


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